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Our Path /

BasicMath is a Japanese company with offices in Tokyo,
Berlin and New York City focusing on startups developing software products by assisting
them in their expansion on the Japanese market. We scout opportunities in Europe and the US and
we look for long-term partnerships that aim to deliver high value for all stakeholders.

Corporate Profile (PDF)

Unique business model /

From traditional VC, to smart VC, to operational VC, we go one step further.
We spend significant resources on market intelligence, and discussions with our customers, sales partners and investors to gauge the potential of the proposed expansion. In addition as we form a partnership we invest in building our relationship and the local Japanese team that will build your brand for the Japanese market. We continue investing in each stage of our relationship.
We are an extension of your team and we take care of everything such as marketing, sales, customer support, customer success, PR. We invest in hiring for these positions. We have a shared Slack channel. You can follow our deal flow via Hubspot, see everything, what we do and how we are doing it. In return, you focus on product innovation and following up with us in terms of custom requests.
We share the revenues we generate with you from the first sale we make. We want to support your business so you can hire more talent and reinvest in product innovation. The better the product, the easier for us to build your brand. Not only do we invest, build your brand, we also bring you revenues, another extra bonus for you.
How best to continue, a question we will get back to between the 2nd and 3rd year of our mutual cooperation. Do you want to join our Alliance and have a permanent team in Tokyo? You will need to make a decision and no matter what you do, we remain friends forever.

The Process /

Deal Flow
We invest in people. We trust you, and we believe in your potential, in your vision. You think it's gonna be fun working as a team, you want to work with us for the long-term, then we are fit.
The Incubator
The first 6-12 months are critical. In this phase, we build the team that will build your brand. We localize your product, we run PR, we set up your website, we spread the word via our sales network. We call our customers, we push and we pull to get market feedback for better positioning.
The Growth Stage
Nice things start to happen between 12-24 months. Now we have stories to share, we have logos to be proud of, we position well on the market and people are noticing us. We are getting traction, we are generating significant revenues. Time to update your valuation.
The Moment of Truth
How best to continue, a question we will get back to between the 2nd and 3rd year of our mutual cooperation. Do you want to continue at the same pace, or you want to join our Alliance? You will need to make your move and no matter what you do, we remain friends forever!.

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